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We Are The Experts In Smartphone App Development

Mobile app development accommodates a broad spectrum of client needs ranging from consumer-focused apps to game-changing applications. We focus on simplicity, design, and superior user experience while developing mobile apps for the consumer market. On the enterprise side, we have helped extend legacy applications and databases to the mobile and have managed the complexities of multiple data sources and devices. Working with the latest technologies, we build futuristic mobile solutions to today’s challenging business problems. . Our customer friendly mobile applications make it easy for users to access them from every mobile device.We work hand-in-hand with you through every stage of the smartphone app development process, from the conceptualization phase to final release.

Mobile Apps Development

Our mobile development team comprises developers with extensive experience in mobile app development who are adept at creating mobile solutions for iPads, iPhones and Android devices.

  • Iphone Apps Development
  • Ipad apps Development
  • Android apps Development
  • Hybrid Apps Development

Mobile app Testing

The mobile landscape grows more fragmented by the day, with new entrants on the smartphone market introducing exponential options for mobile users to choose from - and introducing complexity for mobile app developers and testers. With multiple versions of operating systems available just through iOS and Android, and tens of thousands of devices on the market, it is growing more difficult to make sure that your mobile app customers have a great experience under any circumstances.

  • Functionality Testing for Native & Hybrid Mobile Web Applications.
  • Integrity, usability and Security testing
  • Performance and Reliability
  • Device Compatibility Tests
  • Application Protocol Conformity
  • GPS/Location based testing
  • Application Qualification and Certification

Support & Maintainance

Technilax provides efficient support and maintenance after deployment.Creating a fantastic app is only half the solution, That app needs to be integrated into your business processes and it needs continures updates, maintenance and support and also need to integrate with hardware and API's work seemlessly. We don’t just code and leave, We develop and help. Our team works with you to make your go-live date successful.

  • Technical Support
  • Hardware integration
  • API integration
  • Maintainance
  • App Marketing
  • App Porting